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Why … Rent, Make Money and Enjoy?

Firstly we'd like to thank you for the time you're giving us and reading this presentation that we have prepared for you, with the purpose of offering you advantageous financial benefits without your having to stop using your second home.

Enjoying your second home while not having its "Gastos de Comunidad", your mortgage, maintenance, supplies, etc ….,cause burdensome expenses for you, could be something fantastic for your overall budget -- and we're here to make this possible.

If you're already renting your property yourself or through an agency, are you sure you're getting the performance you deserve ?

Maybe you're making around 6000 or 8000 euros, and you feel this is good. But have you considered that someone might be able to double this amount for you ?

Or, maybe you're not renting your property, and might have been a bit curious about what is involved, but you finally don't rent it because you're worried about how well your apartment will be treated and preserved.

Or, you enjoy your second home and you'd love to get a financial benefit from it, "only" on dates that you don't use it.

LET'S HOLIDAYS, a company dedicated exclusively to the management of tourist accommodations, founded by Kristjàn and Ana, offers you all the time you need from them to be able to clarify any queries you may have.

WhyLet's Holidays?

Simply because ….

- We're not a traditional, cold realtor company.

- We don't ask for the exclusivity of your property.

- We offer a personalised service to both customers and owners.

- We avoid unnecessary extra costs.

- We care for your property as if it were our own.

- We filter and check out our guests.

- We do not accept youth or groups of young party-goers.

- We take care of everything (cleaning, maintenance, check-ins, check-outs,...)

- We provide our own bedding and towels.

- All you need to do is "Google" Kristjàn and Ana, to see all the positive comments that guests write about us.

Call us and let's talk.

If, after chatting a bit, it seems that this is not a good option for you, you'll only have lost a few minutes of your time,

but otherwise …. you have really a lot to win.